Installing Docker Desktop Version 2.x on macOS Big Sur via Homebrew

Docker Desktop for macOS version 3.x has been released long time ago. So, may be, you want to install version 2.x.

You should have homebrew and homebrew-cask on your mac. If you do not have then install them.

Docker — Homebrew — macOS

You can see the last state of the cask which is needed at

But, if you want to install an older version of Docker Desktop then you should see the history at

Choose the version which you desire and copy the of the raw rb file. The url looks like this:

Now, prepare the downloader command:

When the file has been downloaded, open it to edit:

Change first line:

like this:

Save it and remove /Applications/ if exists.

Finally, install your cask:

It is ready, launch it…

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